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måndag 12 november 2018

The Nilsson-theory (why the universe is increasingly expanding..)


The reason why our universe is increasingly expanding is according to all scientists so far basically unknown. The so called ”dark energy” is used as a headline for the phenomena. In the contrary there are some explanation theories among the scientists. But none of them considered as any proof what so ever. My own theory is therefore rather outstanding, as it denies dark energy as a reality and explanation. Instead the theory only contains already well known scientific laws. And actually the gravitation law alone. But under very special circumstances.

To explain my theory, I have attached a graphic picture. To more visually explain it. In the picture there are three (3) interacting factors. Namely … ”Visible universe”, ”Shrinking shell” and ”Mass concentration”. As all astronomic observations now show, our visible universe is increasingly expanding. But according to my theory, the not visible outer part of the universe is loosing speed and has stopped expanding. Due to the absence of mass in the periphery. Instead it’s shrinking toward the inner accumulated mass and its own gravity! Therefore the space between our expanding visible universe and the shrinking part of the outer peripheral one has become a layer of mass concentration. Where the expanding mass is meeting the shrinking mass. And when that accumulated mass increases, it becomes a stronger gravitational force. Which not only affect the shrinking outer part of the invisible universe, but also our visible inner part of the total universe. And because of that will increase its expanding speed toward the mass conc. layer. In other words.. that’s the reason, why our visible universe now is increasingly expanding. In accordance with my theory. The Nilsson theory.